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Project Description
The goal of this project is to create a basic management system for Forefront Endpoint. This is not a replacement for System Center, but a solution for smaller organizations. The project is developed in C# (.net 4.0 and 2.0)

Currently I am looking for anyone with an interest in participating. The source that has been uploaded contains the following projects.

FEPClientService; This service resides on the client PC and communicates with the management server's web service.
     1. Complete the event forwarders to the web service. Currently this is limited only to Virus alerts.
     2. Complete the configuration management functions.
     3. Clean up the thread termination.
     4. Create method to retrieve policy XML from FEPMGRService.
FEPMGRService; This web service resides on the central server and provides communication between the FEPClientService and the database.
     1. Complete the code for handling virus and scan events from the clients.
     2. Create a method to provide a task to the FEPClientService.
    3. Create task to provide policy XML, request scan, update FEPClientService, and apply new policy definitions.
Stuff; This is just to hold a few helper methods.

Once the client side functions are complete the next tasks will be
1. Create a management web page to allow the creation of policies, the membership of groups, and reporting of PC status.
2. Code commenting
3. Anything else that can benefit the project.

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